Pet Waste Removal Service in Grandville, MI

Dog doody?

We're on patrol to make your space pet-waste-free!

Dog Doody Patrol provides professional dog poop scooping services for residential and commercial clients in Grandville, MI, and surrounding areas.

"Professional & good value"

"Adam did a great job getting my entire yard cleaned up. Professional & good value. Easy customer service"

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We've got the scoop on your pet poop.

As a pet owner, picking up after your furry friends is a necessary part of life. But it can be an unpleasant task you may not always have the time or energy for. Fortunately, Dog Doody Patrol is here to make this chore easier.

We offer comprehensive pet waste removal services, so you don't have to think about dealing with pet waste yourself. We use specialized tools and techniques to remove all traces of pet waste from your yard quickly and efficiently, ensuring that the area is safe for pets and humans alike.

We provide residential pet waste removal services and waste removal pick-up for commercial customers in and around Grandville, MI.

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Dog Doody Patrol will make your yard pet-waste-free!

Residential and Commercial Dog Waste Removal Services

Have your outdoor areas looking clean and pristine all year round with our pet waste removal services. Whether you require dog poop scooping services for your residential or commercial property, our team of professionals is here to take the hassle out of cleaning up after your beloved pets so you can enjoy their company more.

A dog running with a tennis ball in a back yard

Our services include:

  • One-time Dog Poop Scoop
  • Weekly Dog Poop Scoop
  • Bi-weekly Dog Poop Scoop
  • Bucket Service (you scoop, and we haul!)
  • Sanitizing/Deodorizing Treatment to Lawn and/or Hard Surfaces (effective against bacteria, viruses, and mold)

Why choose Dog Doody Patrol?

We care

With over a decade of experience working in the Animal Care industry, we know about dogs' health and wellness. If we notice anything out of the ordinary when removing dog poop, we will let you know.

Professional pet waste removal service

We guarantee a professional experience regardless of your situation. Life happens, and that's why we're here, to help relieve the extra stress of picking up dog poop. We guarantee to disinfect all our cleaning supplies before each use to avoid cross-contamination.

Good communication

You will know exactly when our professional technicians will provide your pooper scooper service. We ensure to be clear and upfront with you throughout your entire pet waste removal service.

Let us help remove the unnecessary hassle of clearing dog waste.

If you are searching for professional pooper scooper services in Grandville and surrounding areas, look no further than Dog Doody Patrol.