Terms of Service

Please read before agreeing to our services

Please read the following Terms of Service carefully before you agree to dog waste removal services from Dog Doody Patrol.


Dog Doody Patrol ("DDP," "our," "we,") is an independently owned and operated business that provides pet-waste removal services to residences, businesses, and commercial properties. The Client agrees to the following Terms that govern the sales and services provided by Dog Doody Patrol. The Client is bound to these Terms by accepting the Services Dog Doody Patrol is hired for and as further outlined below. The Client understands that Dog Doody Patrol's ability to provide Services can be dependent on: access to the yard, and grass length, which is the responsibility of the Client, weather, and other unpredictable outdoor influences.


Dog Doody Patrol offers residential and commercial pet waste removal services. These services include One Time Clean, Weekly Cleaning, Every Other Week Cleaning, Monthly and Seasonal Cleaning (Spring Cleans). We also provide sanitizing/deodorizing treatments for your yard. All pricing is based on an area size of approximately 4500 square ft. Larger areas will have an additional charge.


The Client understands that if Dog Doody Patrol can't access the service area due to locked/blocked/frozen gates or dogs in the yard, service for that day will be skipped, and charges will still apply. Dog Doody Patrol suggests adding gate combinations or lock keys to the Client file to avoid locked gates. A $7.00 driving fee will be added to the Client's bill if Dog Doody Patrol must make a repeat visit and return to the house for agreed-upon services unable to be initially rendered.


Dog Doody Patrol will work through the rain and cold as long as it is safe and reasonably possible. Please be advised that we cannot work through extreme weather, including but not limited to: severe thunderstorms, high winds, extreme high or low temperatures, flooding, and/or accumulation of snow.

DDP operates as a month-to-month subscription service. Refunds are not offered for missed weeks due to weather. However, in such cases, if service is canceled for the week, a $7 trip charge will be credited to the next month's service fees. DDP will account for twice the amount of pet waste during the following visit (see BILLING section for further details on our weather contingency clause for weekly billing).

Additionally, if the yard is muddy or other unreasonable scooping conditions exist, service may be postponed until the next scheduled visit to avoid damaging the Client's yard.


Dog Doody Patrol does not provide services on the following holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day. If the scheduled pick-up day falls on one of these days and we are unable to make up a client's scoop day, DDP will skip service for that week, resume pick-up the following week, and credit the $7 trip charge for that week.


One Time Cleans and First/Initial cleans will be due upon completion of service. Dog Doody Patrol will turn the Client's account over to collections if payment becomes more than 30 days late.

The billing cycle for recurring services begins on the initial day of service provision and recurs monthly on the same calendar day. If the Client's card is declined, services will be discontinued immediately until the issue is resolved. If payment for One Time Cleans and First/Initial cleans is more than 30 days late, Dog Doody Patrol will turn the Client's account over to collections.

If more than 30 days have passed since the last scheduled clean-up, the Client will be billed for a first-time or initial clean-up. DDP will only pause service for periods of 30 days. If service does not resume after the 30-day period, the Client will be removed from the schedule.

In the event of a cancellation due to inclement weather conditions and the customer is on a weekly payment plan, the subsequent service will accommodate the additional waste accumulated during the skipped service. The charge for the next service will be adjusted to reflect the waste from the canceled service, with a deduction of $7 designated as a trip charge. This adjustment ensures fair pricing while addressing the impact of weather-related disruptions on the regular service schedule.


Dog Doody Patrol's mission is to leave the Client's yard as poop-free as possible. Our Clients can always count on us to clean your yard to the best of our ability. DDP understands that yard maintenance may not always be easy to keep up with.

Please be advised that finding dog poop in tall grass or a yard full of leaves or other debris can be challenging and may be missed in these circumstances. If the grass is tall during DDP's scheduled visit, dog waste can be missed. However, upon DDP's return for the next scheduled visit, any missed waste will be collected, assuming the yard has since been maintained.

Please inform DDP as soon as possible if an excessive amount of pet waste is missed by emailing: dogdoodypatrol@gmail.com.


Dog Doody Patrol may collect personal information from the Client on DDP Sites or through any other digital or personal communication with the Client. Information collected by DDP is voluntarily provided by the Client and may include information such as the Client's name, email address, phone number, and physical address. Dog Doody Patrol's Sites may collect general information about the service the Client is requesting, such as the type of property and area needing service, the type and number of pets you have, and general information about your pet's behavior. DDP collects information about the Client in order to provide the customer with our services. DDP uses personal information about our users for a variety of purposes related to DDP business. Client information is for Dog Doody Patrol use only. DDP will never sell your information or send it to third parties. DDP may provide user information to third-party service providers or vendors for purposes of, including, without limitation, processing Client payments or sending information to you, data tracking, maintenance or development of DDP's System. DDP may also share Client's personal information in connection with law enforcement requests or in response to investigations, subpoenas, court orders, or other legal processes to establish or exercise DDP's legal rights or defend against legal claims or as otherwise required by law.


Dog Doody Patrol will provide the above Services to the Client subject to these Terms. Terms may be amended periodically without notice to the Client. Amendments will be effective upon DDP's posting of such updated Terms to DDP's website. DDP recommends the Client visit the Site to review any changes in our practices. The Client's continued use of our Services shall constitute acceptance of any changes to the Terms. Some of the provisions contained in these terms of use may also be superseded by provisions or notices published elsewhere on DDP's site.


We reserve the right to shut down operations fully between Christmas and New Year's Day. The Client will be billed at the normal monthly rate unless poop is fully scooped otherwise during our shut down.


Payment is due on the 1st of each month. Bill is considered late on the 3rd of each month. A $10 late fee will be applied to each bill that is late.


All questions or concerns can be sent to dogdoodypatrol@gmail.com